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Norm Engineering

NORM Engineering 5 Foot Slasha

NORM Engineering 5 Foot Slasha

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The Norm Engineering Grass Slasher is designed with a floating frame and adjustable side skids. The floating frame allows the slasher to follow undulating terrain and the adjustable side skids determine the length of the grass cut.

» Adjustable and replaceable heavy duty side skids - 5ft & 6ft 

Maximum cutting torque and tip speed, by using a selection of different motor sizes and gearbox ratios 

Hydraulic motor protection ensured through spring clutch 

Chains provide protection - front & rear 

Pick up is designed to allow easy entry & exit on airconditioned machines »

Forklift lifting points

Optional - jockey wheel

4ft Slasher – Single Head - 3 blades » 5ft Slasher - Single Head - 2 blades » 6ft Slasher - Single Head – 2 blades

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