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Auger Torque

Auger Torque Mini Loader Pallet Forks Multifit - 1500kg (1070mm Tines)

Auger Torque Mini Loader Pallet Forks Multifit - 1500kg (1070mm Tines)

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Material handling around a construction site demands a great deal of flexibility which a skidsteer loader can provide. Heavy duty construction, the precision mounting plate and various other ingenious features make our Pallet Fork attachment a 'must have' item.

Ideal for site locations where pallet handling is needed but the site is unmade or too rough for a fork lift truck.

  • Large range of tyne options up to 2000 Kg's are available (Other tyne sizes are available - please contact your agent for further information).
  • Fully adjustable tynes with locking pins.
  • Tynes are fixed at the top and heel preventing bouncing while carrying loads.
  • High visibility brick guard giving you good vision whilst loading and unloading - crucial in a safety conscious age.
  • Side step for easy entry and exit of the cab.
  • Can be disassembled and packed into a compact storage space when not in use.


Auger Torque Pallet Forks - 1500kg (1070mm Tines)

Medium Capacity Pallet Forks

Weight Capacity: 1500 Kg
Tine Height: 550mm
Tine Width: 80mm
Tine Length: 1070mm
Tine Thickness: 40mm
Assembled Height: 930mm
Assembled Width: 1185mm
Assembled Length: 1340mm
Kit Weight: 146 Kg

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