Attachment Warehouse 1.2-2.8 Rock breaker

Attachment Warehouse 1.2-2.8 Rock breaker

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Hydraulic Rock Breaker for Excavator, skid steer loader, backhoe, and mini excavator

Your best power Hammer and Rock breaker option.

Attachment Warehouse' Hydraulic breaker has power and efficiency packed into a heavy-duty beast. Designed to produce maximum output and efficiency (beats per minute), reduced noise and low maintenance via a range of intuitive designs. This reliable and perfectly weighted hammer of its class will turn solid rock and limestone in the ground into manageable scoopable chunks. It’s power and precision built into a robust design, hire industry approved and at an affordable price point that you can’t go past.

Simplicity vs Multi-function

A hydraulic hammer for an excavator is meant to break rocks, and that is what it should be designed for. It does not have to be equipped with electric devices just to seem “intelligent.” Nor does the user need to pay another $1000 for an “auto-greasing” system. Additional functions for a hydraulic hammer not only take more money out of your pocket, but it causes potential trouble during its long service life. Being multi-functional means extra components and more complex design, which means more chance to fail. The balance between simplicity and multi-function is hard to handle, but that is where our breakers excel. Our team has invested our 20 years’ experience to come out with hydraulic hammers with outstanding cost performance in the market. With comprehensive feedback and fast reaction to the market, this hammer has satisfied thousands of clients around the world with the “philosophy of simplicity.”


Design Features
Hydraulic Brake:: helping to eliminate blank strokes soundproofing: reduces noise by a special guide and coating plates that completely isolate the breaker from its frame.

Underwater Operation: fully enclosed and equipped for underwater and underground use.

sealing system: minimised oil loss with three seal rings between the cylinder lining bushes and the piston. additional seals between the lining bushes and the cylinder for maximum reduction in leakage.

Low Friction Type Seals:  are used which do not overheat and have a long service life.

dust reducing large wiper seal: keeping the chamber cleaner and helps to keep grease inside the breaker, while also reducing noise levels.

Stroke Variation: variation of the blow frequency and impact energy achieved by monitoring the resistance of the material offers maximum efficiency and ultra-high productivity.

Energy Recovery: piston recoil energy, drives some of the oil already used is directed back to the pressure chamber to be spent on the next stroke, increasing productivity and power without drawing additional energy from your machine.

Double Damping System: shock absorbers positioned above and below the frame avoid transmitting micro vibrations to the excavator's arm.

Piston Design: a long stepped section piston delivers a powerful impact and highest productivity.

Applicable field

Mining: Mining, Second-time breaking. Metallurgy: Clearing slag, Demolition of furnace and foundation. Road: Repairing, Breaking, Foundation work. Railway: Tunneling, Demolition of bridge. Construction: Demolition of building and reinforced concrete. Ship repairing: Clearing clam and rust from the hull.


AW Hammer Includes

Hydraulic Breaker

Head Bracket

Hoses & Couplers

2x Chisels

FREE - Delivery and Onsite Commissioning*

24/7 Back up Support

100% Guarantee on Spare Parts availability

Rock Breaker For Sale

  • Grab pick up is built to suit all major brands including Kubota, Kobelco, Yanmah, Komatsu, Kobelco, Cat and more. (dd your machine make and model on check out)
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  • This attachment comes with Quick Couplers either ISO or Flat Faced depending on the machine make. Please specify machine make in the notes area at check out.
  • We will follow up with a phone call to you as soon as the order is received to clarify all the details of your order.

Models available:
Jack Rabbit: 45mm Tool Diam for 1.2 - 2.8t
Johnson Rod: 53mm Tool Diam for 3 - 4.5
Violator: 68mm Tool Diam, for 5t - 7t
Infiltrator: 85mm Tool Diam, for 7.5t - 9.5