Rotary Tiller

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Rotary Tiller

The ideal attachment for ground preparation prior to planting. Replaceable Dual rotation and bi-directional tynes allow for effective cultivation of up to 150mm depth. Unit has two position off-set mount for easier tilling close to obstacles.

• Front edge is designed to level out uneven ground.
• Standard dual rotation with bi-directional tines.
• Replaceable abrasion resistant knife edge allows clean edging
next to sod.
• Optional Scarifier assembly significantly increases productivity by
combining the tractive effort and force of the loader with hydraulic
horse power of the Tiller.

Machine Suitability:
Skid Steer Loaders


  • Weight: 453Kg
  • Length (overall) 1220mm
  • Height (overall) 889mm
  • Width (overall) 1930mm
  • Width (operating) 1676mm
  • Tilling depth (Vary time) 100-150mm
  • Number of Tines 32
  • Number of Scarifier teeth (Optional) 5
  • Rec Fow Range - STD 65 – 110 lpm
  • Max Pressure 240 BAR