Attachment Warehouse Mulcher/Slasher

Attachment Warehouse Mulcher/Slasher

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The Auger Torque Brush Cutter makes light work of land management,
clearing large areas of vegetation including long grass, overgrown bramble
and bushes, even small trees in minimal time.

Designed for use on skid steer loaders, the Brush Cutter comprises of a three-bladed rotating head, driven by a hydraulic motor. High speed rotating blades cut material cleanly down to desired height.


  • Skid steer compatible
  • 3 blade direct-drive cutting head
  • 1800mm total cutting width
  • Cut materials up to 100mm diameter
  • Heavy-duty plate steel construction
  • Fully assembled and ready to use


  • Ground clearance and land management
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Creating or maintaining woodland trails
  • Cut to ground small trees and brush


Suitable for machines that can obtain
the pressure and flow rates stated below

Oil Pressure Range: 207 - 224 bar
Oil Flow Range: 72 - 132 lpm
Oil Flow Rate at 900 rpm: 72 lpm
Speed range: 800 - 1200 rpm

657mm x 2025mm x 2248mm (h x w x d)
700 kg