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Rock Grabs for Excavators and Backhoes

Looking for a good Rock Grab for your excavator or backhoe? Some operators call them Log grabs, Static grabs, Hydraulic grabs, Demolition grabs, Stiff Arm grabs or Box Tyne Grapples. These grabs are ideal for handling big rocks, timber logs, general scrap materials etc.

Our rock grabs have the durable construction, designed to withstand the robust working conditions the Australian landscape presents. The protected hidden single ram construction and intelligently positioned hoses minimise external damage to both the ram cylinder and hydraulic lines. The entire range of Rock Grabs is a geometrically balanced design and correctly weighted for each class of excavator. The single ram design also has the added benefit of a larger opening jaw depth than most of our competitors in its size range.

  • Australia’s most durable Rock Grab design.
  • Strong and durable construction to withstand robust working conditions.
  • Protected Hidden Hydraulic Ram Construction via our patterned design to ensure external damage to ram cylinder is minimised
  • Geometrically balanced design.
  • Rugged inside edges come standard on smaller models and hard-faced tines on a larger model, for additional gripping ability in slippery conditions.
  • Choose Grabs for Machines sizes ranging from 1.2t to 14t (choose a size in the drop down)
  • Grab pick up is built to suit all major brands including Kubota, Kobelco, Yanmah, Komatsu, Kobelco, Cat and more. (dd your machine make and model on check out)
  • Correctly Weighted For Machine Size
  • Larger Opening Jaw Depth
  • Intelligently Positioned Hoses to Reduce Damage
  • Built specifically for rock, log, demolition work

Rock Grab For Sale

  • All Rock Grabs for sale can be purchased via Zipmoney 0% interest-free.
  • Freight is free and will usually be shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order.
  • This attachment comes with Quick Couplers either ISO or Flat-Faced depending on the machine make. Please specify machine make in the notes area at check out.
  • We will follow up with a phone call to you as soon as the order is received to clarify all the details of your order.


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Machine Size (Tons) Weight (KG) Opening (MM) Width(MM) Price (AUD)
1.2T to 2.8T 103 640 400 $2,495
3.0T to 4.5T 160 749 400 $3,195
5.0T to 7.0T 250 820 492 $3,975
7.5T to 9.0T 330 891 592 $4,675
9.5T to 14.0T 630 1210 620 $6,850