The Largest Hydraulic Grab Sale

The Largest Hydraulic Grab Sale

Attachment Warehouse brings you the first and largest hydraulic rock grabs online sale this year!

Hydraulic grabs are considered to be one of the most useful earthmoving attachments. As such, it is in our most popular categories of attachments sold at the Attachment Warehouse website.

Three (3) of our rock grab varieties fall in our top 10 mostly purchased item for 2020.

This powerful attachment is widely used in demolitions, site clean-up, log shifting, concrete removal, rock retaining and more. It’s safe to say that if you don’t have a rock grab attachment in your fleet you aren’t serious about getting the job done.

They can save a huge amount of time and some jobs simply can‘t be done effectively without one.


Our range of hydraulic rock grabs have the durable construction, designed to withstand the robust working conditions the Australian landscape presents. The protected hidden single ram construction and intelligently positioned hoses minimise external damage to both the ram cylinder and hydraulic lines. Our range has a geometrically balanced design that are correctly weighted for each class of excavator. The single ram design also has the added benefit of a larger opening jaw depth than most of our competitors in its size range.

You can choose from various sizes. Our hydraulic grabs are suited to excavators from 2-tonne to over 14-tonne capacity.

Tradies have been giving positive reviews about getting this on their fleet.
Here are some of our customers showing their new toys.hydraulic grab deliveries in australiaDon’t miss out on this deal.

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