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Excavator Trailers for Sale: Attachment Warehouse Now a Jimboomba Retailer in SE QLD

Jimboomba Trailers and Attachment Warehouse


Today marks another milestone in the rapid growth of Attachment Warehouse having delivered to its customers the first Jimboomba trailer. Jimboomba Trailers appointed Attachment Warehouse as its retailer of excavator trailers for sale in the Gold Coast region. At this time, Attachment Warehouse is well-established and is proud to announce that the business is set to deliver trailers direct to our customers. 


Jimboomba 3.5t Aluminium Plant Trailer


The first trailer delivered to us was the Jimboomba 3.5t Aluminium Plant Trailer, equipped to carry a 3t excavator.

Building on an already established relationship between Joe Platter, Owner/Director of Jimboomba Trailers, and Mick Watkins, Attachment Warehouse Founder, plant and machinery operators can now take delivery of new Jimboomba Trailers direct from its Gold Coast locations. With all excavator trailers for sale from Jimboomba being made to order, we have worked hard with the company to reserve build slots that allow our customers to receive trailers on a priority timeline.

Jimboomba Trailer ZipPay in Attachment Warehouse


The appointment of Jimboomba Trailers to the Attachment Warehouse's stable of rapidly growing brands strengthens our position, becoming one of Australia’s leading attachment suppliers. It is a business that is being noticed by many of the leading brands in Australia. The depth of the range for Attachment Warehouse means that both plant and machinery operators only need one number to contact for the supply of all attachments and now, trailers.



Jimboomba Trailers is one of the leading providers of steel and alloy trailers. Their products are designed to fit a variety of uses be it in the mining industry or in construction equipment moving services. Their products are known to be innovative, durable, and at the same time has a long-lasting strength. They are built with a team of experts with skills in mechanical and engineering, fabrication, and paintwork.

To order any type of Plant Trailer or excavator trailers for sale, call Attachment Warehouse at (07) 3063 0241 or view the available tractor unit on the trailer collections page of Attachment Warehouse online. You can also check out our wide selection of augers and trenchers among other attachment products.

It is the Attachment Warehouse's mission to build a user-friendly business which allows our customers to get the right products at the right price, on time. We recently have been authorised as an Official Auger Torque Dealer on the Gold Coast, putting us atop the leading Australia’s leading suppliers. Contact our team today for all your plant and machinery needs.


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