Darren Tucker Acquires Ownership in Attachment Warehouse Sunshine Coast

Darren Tucker Acquires Ownership in Attachment Warehouse Sunshine Coast


Following yet another year of exponential growth in 2019, Attachment Warehouse is excited to announce that Darren Tucker has acquired ownership in Attachment Warehouse Sunshine Coast and in 2020 and beyond, will drive customer support north of Brisbane.

Tucker is a highly experienced and respected figure in the earthmoving industry. He has secured the opportunity to be a part of the company after monitoring the rapid growth of the business since its inception in 2017 and the recent opening of its second branch Attachment Warehouse Sunshine Coast late in 2019.

Having joined the industry in 2007 at Clark Equipment selling the Bobcat brand and also spending four years in Kubota Sales and Hyundai compact equipment sales, Tucker has a vast knowledge in this industry to ensure that Attachment Warehouse customers get the right attachment for the right machine. 



Having worked alongside Attachment Warehouse Head of Sales and Marketing Anthony Chemello for several years selling the Kubota products, Tucker's inclusion to the AW family comes with great confidence.

I know that his customer service focus is aligned with our business strategy” 
explained Chemello
AW is all about ensuring our customers get the right product for the right job on the right machine and that all starts with having the right people in the company”. 

Chemello went on to explain the direction of Attachment Warehouse in 2020 will be another step above what has been achieved since the doors opened and have now become an industry leader. 

Having kept a close eye on the business since it began, Tucker was impressed with the approach and is excited about the long term goals.

“Since the start, AW has just done things differently to anyone else, and having been able to come up with a structure where I find a home on a long-term basis means there is a really strong backbone for us to continue this unique approach,” said Tucker about joining the team. 

Attachment Warehouse founder Mick Watkins confirmed the sentiments about its people-first approach by going on to say,  

“Attachment Warehouse is really a brand and there are several levers to its success. But it really starts by having the right people answering the phone. We have some huge announcements still to come early in 2020 which include some outside-the-box initiatives and amazing technology but it all means nothing if we don’t have the right people to execute it and Darren has the perfect skill set and mentality to join our mission.”

Darren Tucker will join assume his role effective immediately and can be contacted via email sales_sc@attachmentwarehouse.com.au or 0422 202 996.

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Company Overview
Established in 2016, Attachment Warehouse has quickly become a successful player in the Australian earthmoving attachments industry. Its rise through the ranks has been anchored only on one thing:
to provide customers with the right product at the right price and on tight timelines.

To fulfil our promise of quality, consistency and prompt delivery to our clients, we listen to what the market needs and source the highest quality attachments for all types of machines. Our rock grabs, pallet forks, spreader bar, and hydraulic hammers are carefully selected to make our customers’ work to maximum efficiency. We also capitalise on building strategic alliances with our suppliers who recognise that our in-house technology offers a seamless way to bridge the gap between manufacturer and end-user. From our conception, we have been equally focused on our online presence and face-to-face contact with our clients. We believe there is no easier way to buy attachments 24 hours a day, seven days a week than from Attachment Warehouse due to our dual focus. We also maintain a warehouse and showroom in Gold Coast where you can instantly take ownership of the highest quality attachments at competitive prices.


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