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Club 10k Shows Gratitude To Attachment Warehouse Community

GC 600 was a dream of ours. Not only has co-owner of Attachment Warehouse raced on the track and has it in his blood, but we also know that the environment that we want to build our business around is represented in this event. We as the business owners (and as a result of our business) live life in the fast lane, slightly only the edge but always focused on hitting the apex with the most efficient technology we can find. 

The way we treat our business community is in a similar vein. Our customers are our family, and just as such we keep the pedal on the gas to make sure you are always getting our best service and maximising profit by limiting downtime, hence our laser focus on urgency and maximum pace on delivery.

The dream of the 10k Club was to not only reward our valued clients but also offer some tax-free opportunities that you may never experience. And as an opening event for the 10K Club, the GC600 was a great way to pop the cork on this endeavour. The ideas are flowing and there are going to be some great events to lock into your calendar each year into the future.

Our location for our first Club 10k event was a prime spot, at the Contessa Apartment, in between the bottom two corners at the north end of the track. We saw Chaz nosedive into the corner, amongst plenty more end-of-straight fender benders.

Inside the apartment, beer was flowing, laughs were abundant, food was plentiful and there may have been a sneaky bottle of fireball or 5 to celebrate the occasions. 

We’d like to thank all our team and valued Club 10k members for making Attachment Warehouse a huge success this year. And now, as we emerge through the burn out haze and hangover of the GC600, we look towards the New Year’s calendar ready for our next event. 

You reckon watching the GC600 was fun. What about getting behind the wheel of a V8 Super Car??….. More to come on this as Club 10k rolls into its second incentive event.



What Is Club 10K?

Club 10,000 is our gratitude rewards program for our clients who spend $10,000 with us within a certain time frame. Our reward is the amazing experiences and adventures that you simply wouldn’t want to miss.

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