Avoid The Pitfalls Of Buying Inferior Products - Your Guide to Buying A Hydraulic Rock Grab - Attachment Warehouse

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Buying Inferior Products - Your Guide to Buying A Hydraulic Rock Grab


Attachment Warehouse hydraulic rock grabs are one of the most useful earthmoving attachments and one of the most popular products on the Attachment Warehouse online store.  Our hydraulic grabs are suited to excavators from 2-tonne to over 14-tonne capacity. Hydraulic rock grabs are one of the most valuable attachments for your machinery because of their varied use. 

They are most effectively used in demolitions, site clean-up, log shifting, concrete removal, rock retaining walls and many more applications. It’s safe to say that if you don’t have a rock grab attachment in your fleet you aren’t serious about getting the job done. They can save a huge amount of time and some jobs simply can‘ be done effectively without one.

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There are a lot of hydraulic rock grab designs in the market. As a potential buyer, here are the things you should look at when buying one:

  1. Usage — Buy with the end-user in mind.

    What projects will you use a hydraulic rock grabs for? How can it help improve efficiency? How often will you be using it?

    Hydraulic rock Grabs start from about two thousand dollars for the smallest one and go up from there, but the return on the investment can be phenomenal as one job could return your capital expense on this item. They are a serious moneymaker for your business.

  2. Design — does the design add to the strength and balance of the attachment? 

    Poor design greatly affects functionality. It’s pointless for the manufacturer to use the best materials if the design is poor. How far does the grab open? How well is the weight balanced for the machine size its recommended for? How protected are the parts of the rock grab that can be damaged or wear? These are all considered to take into account when researching your purchase.

    If all these requirements are satisfied then the consideration of the material can come into play. What is the grade of the steal, how well has it been welded and where are the stress points of the materials. Will it withstand the harsh ground and rugged construction or demolition environment.

  3. Who are you buying it from?

    The problem with earthmoving attachments is there is very little regulation, rules or guidelines for manufactures. Most of the equipment comes from China but you can never be really sure by looking at it whether its come from a factory with a high standard of quality control.

    All you can really do at your end is to ensure you are buying the equipment of a credible reseller of attachments. Getting the right advice and avoiding the pitfalls of buying an inferior product can only be attained by talking to your reseller and asking the questions outlined in this article.

    You will know within a minute or two whether the person you are talking to has experience and is selling a quality product by the quality of the information they provide. If they can’t answer all the questions above more than likely they don’t deserve your business and maybe selling a product that we knocked up in their mates shed and being sold as a genuine branded product.

hydraulic rock grab interest free


Excavator Size (tons) 

Attachment Weight (kg)

Opening (mm)

Width (mm) 

1.2 - 2.8




3.0 - 4.5




5.0 - 7.0 




7.5 - 9.0 




9.5 - 14.0 





Why Attachment Warehouse Rock Grabs?

Attachment Warehouse House is one of Australia’s leading resellers of earthmoving attachments. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the right information, the right product and with urgency to limit downtime on your site. You can buy online 24/7 or talk to us on the phone 0476 878 890 (Anthony - Gold Coast) or 0422 202 996 (Darren - Sunshine Coast).

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