Attachment Warehouse Milestone

I feel like this is a significant milestone for Attachment Warehouse that says “we are doing lots of things right”. I have kept this business reasonably under the radar to friends and family for the most part of its existence. There is something internally that doesn’t allow me self promotion until the topic is worthy, maybe it’s the fear of failure or maybe even the fear of success. Either way, I feel it's relevant now to make this post. 

Attachment Warehouse is a business I started on a whim a little under 2 years ago as an appendix to an excavator hire business that I had got up running in the previous 3 years. Since then the attachment business had been something that has been bubbling away in the background, but recently our name, thanks to the amazing team here, has fast become a major player in the earth moving attachment business.

I’m super proud to land our first container of gear to our Gold Coast warehouse because this represents our sales capacity and that we have enough confidence to pull the trigger and take this next step. An added bonus is that we have sold through 80% of it before it has even been stacked away in our shelves.


He has taken us from zero to hero since he came on board a few months ago, previous to this we were plodding along - at best - but with his knowledge, drive and customer service focus, our plodding donkey is now wearing turbo powered roller skates.

No doubt I attribute this epic upward swing to the amazing team here at Attachment Warehouse and in addition to that everyone within the team would recognise that first and foremost my business partner Anthony Chemello is the driving force behind this growth curve. This is an amazing achievement that I feel is worthy of taking some time to reflect on right now and give credit to the amazing people who have made it happen. 


Anthony’s dedication and commitment to this business have been the biggest single contributing factor to our success so far and with this, some credit must go to his wife Tamsin and family who have foregone their husband and dad for a big chunk of the year while he has propelled us forward.


On the day I started this business, I employed my first virtual assistant to help with our online presence. Since then our team in the Philippines has now grown to six incredible young talented individuals, who drive our brand, image and business processors every day. The team has actually become a business of their own, who make amazing leaps forward every week in there personal and professional development. It’s been a joy to bring these people into our team and into our life. This team deserves equally as many accolades for their efforts in building the client facing digital image and back end accounting and stock management. 


Last but definitely not least is my amazing wife Heidi who has not only caught the balls for me that I keep throwing in the air continually but has also given me space and encouragement to step into the unknown and challenge myself time after time.

A month or so ago, we were delivered the news that we are now ranked #2 for sales by a major supplier and #1 for customer service on the eastern seaboard of Australia. A scalp that has boosted our hunger to strive even further. This past weekend our team attended a tradeshow where we sold through every item that we took there, which for me is a completely foreign experience having come from a belief that trade shows are only a place to go for marketing, not necessarily sales, but this belief has now completely changed.

As we near the end of our first full financial year in business we have plans to expand with a second location set to open on the Sunshine Coast in mid-June to service clients on the north side of Brisbane right up through the wide bay area to as far as Rockhampton. We also have new products being developed to service the Australian landscape and are super focused on continually keeping our warehouse loaded so we can deliver attachments with urgency every single day.

So to all our valuable clients who have trusted us, thank you. To all my family and friends who didn’t know this existed, now you do. So if you’d like to show your support please give our Facebook Page a like, our Instagram Page a follow, and our Google Local Listing a review if you feel called to do so.

On behalf of our entire team, I want to finally say that we value each and every client, friend, family member and teammate who has been on this short but amazing journey with us for the past couple of years. We look forward to a very bright future. If you need us we are always here at 24/7/

- Mick Watkins

Attachment Warehouse Co-Director


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